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The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

The Amazing Story of Sugar Henry was written by Ronald Dahl in 1977. These short stories have such an imagination and storytelling that they could be made into a film. It was made, it was not late or early. I think Netflix brought this story to the screens at the very right time. Because it was important that Wes Anderson reinforced himself and that there would be no opportunities to be filmed in the past.

Wes Anderson, yes! He's the director and writer with the best storytelling in my eyes. The incredible story of Sugar Henry is no different from other films. This film, in which stories are told, is a film that presents an intertwined narrative. Again we see that a diegetic voice is involved in the film. But this time it is completely animated. Instead of the world of the characters in the story, this is a game that is completely presented to us. That's why it was turned into a short film. In order to make it short, fast narration and a lot of images are already welcoming us.

I don't want to summarise the film but to tell you quickly, the author of the book starts by talking to us and how a story he found came from Henry Sugar, how he can see without using Imdad Khan's eyes, how Dr. Chatterjee, who investigates this situation, still can't believe it, and the person who is the source of this power is also mentioned (I forgot his name.)

Now I will tell you about 3 important characters, firstly Imdad Khan, secondly Dr Chatterjee and finally Henry Sugar.

After Imdad Khan is taught this power, he joins circuses like every other person with strange features. People don't believe in this power of his and he wants doctors to prove it.

Dr Chatterjee is a scientist and such people believe in physically provable findings. He is very curious to know where this inexplicable meta-physical sense comes from and he just listens and Imdad Khan tells him.

Henry Sugar is a greedy and selfish character. When it comes to seeing what the eye cannot see, he immediately thinks of seeing the bottom of the card while playing blackjack. He trains himself for years to cheat and make money, and every day he starts to see without using his eyes more and more quickly. He wins a lot of money and throws it away and an officer warns him. Instead of wasting it on people, donate it to charity, don't be spoilt. He appoints an accountant and from then on he starts to donate all the money he wins from gambling to organizations in need.

They know the power. Imdad here wants to tell people that they should open their 3rd eyes and that they cannot see what they should see. Dr Chatterjee, on the other hand, only listens to his 2 eyes because he prefers to touch rather than believe. Henry Sugar, as I said, is a manipulative arsehole. But he believes in this power so much to make money. He wants more, and he improves himself. He starts to see more. He has a clearer vision now. That's because he can see through himself. In both senses. He sees a clot in his heart. He realizes he's going to die. He realizes that he can share what he has not only with himself but with all of humanity. I think this shot below was one of the best indicators in the film.

This indicator symbolizes the ability to discover oneself and to see one's inner world rather than a clot in the heart.

How one looks at an event is very important. Using not only our right and left eyes but also our invisible eye can change everything.


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