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Is Loki Over? Is Season 3 coming?

The last episode of Loki season 2, Marvel's most successful Disney Plus series, aired on November 10, 2023. Although the ratings dropped compared to the first season, it still managed to be among the greatest productions. It is constantly on the tongues of fans.

In the first season, we saw that Kang (The Conqueror, The Remnant; he has many names) is a really powerful being and can do anything. In Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, we met the 616 variant of Kang, but he was in exile and was easily destroyed by the heroes of the 616 universe, who could rule multiple universes.

In the second season of Loki, we met Professor Timely, so we learned where the variants of Kang came from and how he was raised. We also learned that Kang is not invincible, it's just a matter of time. Once you understand how time works, everything becomes possible. I'm going to be a bit spoiled from now on, just so you know.

In the first season we learned about Kang'i and what the TVA was. It was presented to us that the multiverses were frighteningly numerous and that their order was very important. The second season showed us what happens when this order is disrupted. This is actually a preparation for Secret Wars, which we will see in the 616 universe. The merger of universes and what will happen as a result will be presented to us. According to the statement made by Loki's creative teams; "Season 1 was half the story, season 2 is the other half. It's complete for us. We don't know what happens next."

We always thought that Loki would be included in the 616 universe, but now it seems a bit difficult. At the end of the series, Loki solved the problem of time slippage and now that he can bend space and time, he took Kang's throne. Loki has taken on the form where he keeps all timelines safe with his own hand. People in universes no longer die and the Kang'in genocide is over. Even the endless Kang variants are no longer growing. As I said, Loki now holds the throne.

In my opinion, there will be a big uprising in the movie Kang Dynasty. The Kang variant that died in the movie Quantumania attracted a lot of attention. Kangler was afraid of this universe that ruled the multiverses. This was even reported not only by Kangler but also by TVA. According to the report prepared by Mobius at the end of the series, a Kang variant caused an incident in the 616 universe. This was either a reference to the AntMan movie or the Kangler has declared war on the 616 universe, the battle in the fifth Avengers movie could be happening. They saw that early on. Because now they can go to any time in any universe they want.

I've said that the merger of universes is scary, but you know it's going to happen. In fact, we saw the preparation for it at the end of The Marvel movie. Just like in No Way Home, there were tears and crossovers between universes. We saw Monica crossing over from 616 to another universe where she met her superhero mom Cap Rabuae. What surprised us was not this but the fact that there was an X-Men with her. Beast said hello to us.

New universes will bring new heroes together and great battles will ensue. And to fix the broken universes, One Subscribe All will come to restore the Marvel Universe. So we'll also get a reset movie universe.

Let me answer the question in the title. I don't think Loki season 3 is coming. I don't think it's supposed to.

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