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Megan Movie and Artificial Intelligence

Toys, robots; anything that looks like humans. As a technology lover who used to work with software and build robots, I have to admit to you that my biggest fear is robots and artificial intelligence. I saw the movie Megan and now I want to talk to you a little bit.


It was an extraordinarily scary experience for me. Yes, a 6-axis Kuka or Fanuc robot doesn't scare me. What scares me and other people is that they look like us and have limbs and a face. Today we are not afraid of artificial intelligence. They are doing it on purpose and getting us used to it. First we started with ChatBots, now we are getting voice feedback. I'm sure they will have faces in a few years. That's when we'll have great droid friends.

The Megan movie is not a Chucky the Killer Doll movie. So don't expect gory scenes, horror, suspense... There is, but it's used appropriately. In fact, this movie tells us about the first mistake humans made. These are the mistakes that people make to replace what they have lost or what they see as missing. I think people's inability to discover themselves, their souls, makes the people around them invisible. This is very well described. Let's focus on Cady now. Her mother protected her a lot and isolated her. She didn't send her to school. This shows that she is a non-socialized person. In fact, another proof of this is that you have a smart toy. In the car-inside scene at the beginning, we saw how attached she was to him. It shows that she gets the attention from him that she doesn't get from her family. After the car accident, she didn't even mourn for her family. What was good for her was the toy she saw on the shelf when she came to her aunt's house. Of course, things changed when her aunt Gemma, who did not touch those toys, made her a toy.


Now let's talk a little bit about Gemma. Gemma is a software developer who makes smart toys. Think of it like companies like OpenAI or Meta today. Gemma created that toy, Megan, at the request of her niece Cady. Someone who could be her companion, someone who could fulfill her wishes, all her desires. When everything we love is offered to us, no one can say no. And what Cady lacked was not her family, but what her family didn't offer her. What Megan offered her.


Let's go back to Cady. Near the end of the movie, when the murders increase, Gemma's jaw drops and she realizes that Megan is the one who did it. When she packs Megan up and throws her in the trunk, Cady gets so angry... This aggression is one of the behaviors we should give when we lose a person. Cady's like she's lost her family. She had already lost her family. We can count these behaviors as mourning for her family. Fortunately, children are fast learners. Cady was able to figure out that he was a killer. When Megan was about to harm Gemma, Cady's approach to Megan was again not out of trust in people or love for her aunt. Reacting naturally to a harmful element, she turned to the robots she trusted. She remotely controlled a robot named Bruce to cut Megan in half. At that moment, Megan's face-reading system read that Cady trusted her. But it was trust in the other robot. And they reminded her that robots can make mistakes too, and that a mistake is the work of a human being. No matter how much we focus on creating perfection, the reason why self-developing artificial intelligence can make mistakes is again the mistakes we humans make.

Artificial intelligence is helping us humans in many fields today. But if we start making them do our own work, we will be alone in this world. Artificial intelligence cannot even be our enemy. Let's think a lot before making mistakes.

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